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10km map and profile.png

10 KM

You’ve reached the plato called the Sky Contour and now’s the time to settle in and
enjoy the trail and the views. The trail hugs the mountain following its curve with the
terrain being pretty level. You will reach your second checkpoint; again, please make
sure to check in with the marshalls so that we can account for everyone. Here, the
views abound as you are at the highest point of the 10km; stop and take them in and
snap a couple of memories.

21 KM

Look out for a critical split - this is where the 10km splits to the left to get off the
mountain and the 21 km splits to the right to venture on the Caracal route. Ash River
Lodge, the sponsors of the prize for the first lady on the 35km, have placed their flags
at the split to make it easy for you to identify.

21km map with profile.png
35km map and profile_edited.jpg

35 KM

Head through the gate along the trail that takes you onto the crest of a ridge separating
two valleys in this iconic game farm. Watch out for sightings of buck, wildebeest, ostrich
and zebra. Head down the concrete path back onto the valley floor but take great care
please - this section is steep. The trail continues over a dam wall and passing another
dam on your left along the valley towards the farm homestead but splits off to the west
just before it to take you into the next valley. This section is enclosed by mountains on
all sides and is particularly scenic.