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Head through the gate along the trail that takes you onto the crest of a ridge separating two valleys in this iconic game farm.


Watch out for sightings of buck, wildebeest, ostrich, and zebra.


Head down the concrete path back onto the valley floor but take great care please - this section is steep!


The trail continues over a dam wall and passes another dam on your left along the valley towards the farm homestead but splits off to the west just before it to take you into the next valley.


This section is enclosed by mountains on all sides and is particularly scenic.


Make sure to stop and soak it all in whilst you catch your breath and prepare for the mother of all climbs...


Once at the top you will encounter the friendly crew from Breytenbach Mafuso with some refreshments as well as a checkpoint.


NB ~ Please make sure to check in as we need to close access to the farm after the last runner and don’t want to do that if you’re still enjoying yourself in it!!


You’ve now reached the plato called the Sky Contour and now’s the time to settle in and enjoy the trail and the views. The trail hugs the mountain following its curve with the terrain being pretty level.


You will reach your third checkpoint; please make sure to check in with the marshals so that we can account for everyone.


Once you start descending, look out for a critical split - this is where the 10km splits to the left to get off the mountain and the 21 and 35 km splits to the right to venture on the Caracal Route.


Oranje Printers have placed their flags at the split to make it easy for you to identify.


Once you’ve split to the right onto the Caracal Route, you can settle in and follow the trail as it goes right into the back corner of the Conservancy. This is the best part of the trail in terms of views; make sure to soak it all in.


From the back corner of the Conservancy the trail takes you through a gate (watch out that you don’t get your feet caught in the cattle grid!), down a series of switchbacks and some rocky outcrops onto the valley floor.


The fourth checkpoint awaits after which you turn right to go back UP the mountain. This hill is affectionately called Lung Buster and you will soon find out why!


After crossing the boardwalk you get another full view of the Titanic and cutting across to the Scilla Trail will give you views to the East of the village
where the mountains go on forever right into


Here you will find the water point of Novon Protecta before you turn back on yourself and head towards the Clarens Brewery dam wall.


At the end of the dam wall, you go up the hill where Swift’s banners greet you and you will find a spectacular view across the dam.


Get your inner mountain goat out to guide you down a short section of slick rock, where a rope will be available to safely get you onto the trail that runs along the base of the waterfall, and into the river walk.


Make sure you take the split for the 35 km a little further along (a marshal will assist) for your last little climb.


The route takes you over our own Golden Gate bridge and after you cross the Parkrun bridge it is all up our ‘little polly’s’ to the finish.


Kick back and enjoy some eats and drinks whilst soaking up the atmosphere and giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

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