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The same as the 35km to just after Novon Protecta water point where a marshal will direct you to take a right onto a single track towards Khubetswana, Clarens’s informal settlement.


All along the track past the dam where you will go back up into the Rooiberg over a big sandstone section before joining the quad track that takes down into the quarry and along a stream towards the Clarens-Fouriesburg road. Here you pass underneath the tar road through cattle tunnel a gravel road towards the Caledon River. Crossing the bridge over the river you might notice the little board that states that it is a Yellowfish conservation area.


Close to the farmhouse you will turn right onto a two-track farm road taking you past the workers houses to your next water point. At the GCSolar water point you get the first view of the mushroom rock. A photographer with a selfie frame is here to capture an unforgettable memory moment. Once you have replenished your proviant, you enter a Poplar Forest towards the hanging bridge back over the Caledon River. A marshal will make sure that only one runner crosses at a time. Once out of the Poplar Forest you make your way back to the Clarens-Fouriesburg road.

Again, pass underneath and turn right back up into the Rooiberg. This section is without any tracks. The grass is cut and well-marked where to go. This is a very technical section, so be careful. It is also a steep climb and at dangerous sections it is also marked to warn you.

Once at the top you join up with a single track which brings you back towards Clarens. Once in the CVC territory with good sight of Clarens a marshal will direct you to a sharp right up to a steep climb to the summit of the Rooiberg at 2120m altitude. Running all along the top of Rooiberg you can enjoy the view over Lesotho, Golden Gate, Fouriesburg and Clarens. The all so famous Titanic rock is also back in sight and will add the extra motivation needed to conquer the challenge.

A marshal will then direct your decent towards town. Again, a very technical and dangerous section, please be careful. Halfway down the mountain you join up with a single track that take you back to town.

You rejoin the 35km just before Novon Protecta water point for another well-deserved oasis! You turn back on yourself and head towards the Clarens Brewery dam wall.  At the end of the dam wall, you go up the hill where Swift’s banners greet you and you will find a spectacular view across the dam.


Get your inner mountain goat out to guide you down a short section of slick rock where a rope will be available to safely get you onto the trail that runs along the base of the waterfall and into the river walk. Make sure you take the split for the 35 kms a little further along (a marshal will assist) for your last little climb. The route takes you over our own Golden Gate bridge and after you cross the parkrun bridge it is all up our ‘little polly’s’ to the finish. Kick back and enjoy some eats and drinks whilst soaking up the atmosphere and giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

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