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You’ve reached the plato called the Sky Contour and now’s the time to settle in and enjoy the trail and the views. The trail hugs the mountain following its curve with the terrain being pretty level.


You will reach your second checkpoint.  Again, please make sure to check in with the marshalls so that we

can account for everyone. Here, the views abound as you are at the highest point of the 10km; stop and take them in and snap a couple of memories.

This brings you to a critical split - where the 10km splits to the left to get down the mountain and the 21, 35 and 50km splits to the right to venture onto the Caracal Route.


Oranje Printers have placed their flags at this split to make it easy for you to identify.

Get your climber skills on as you go up and over the trestle ladder.


Catch your breath whilst looking down onto one of the most spectacular waterfalls of the Conservancy and carefully, very carefully as this section is steep and slippery, make your way down past the Internet SA banners all along the waterfall’s course.


Turn left at the bottom of the waterfall and make your way back into the village along the River Walk. Be careful not to take the 21, 35 and 50km course home where it splits to the left - stick to the right as you don’t want to go back up the mountain again. It is well marked, so don’t worry! There will be a marshal on site to assist.


There is one more split to be aware of just a little further on, also with a marshal; this time you keep left all along the mountain and don’t bump your head against a low overhanging tree. The route then takes you over our own Golden Gate bridge and after you cross the Parkrun Bridge it is all up our ‘little polly’s’ to the finish.

Kick back and enjoy some eats and drinks whilst soaking up the atmosphere and giving yourself a well-deserved pat on the back!

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