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NB ~ A reminder to all entrants to download their FinishTime Passport from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store!
Protea Hotel, Clarens
Friday, 1 September, 4pm – 8pm
Or on Saturday morning from 6.15 am at the Clarens Town Square (race start line).



Each event will start and finish at the Clarens town square which is centrally located within the heart of the village, within walking distance of some amazing coffee shops, restaurants, and of course, the Clarens Brewery. 

Race Briefing & Start Times:

35km - 7am; 21km - 7.30am; 10km - 8.15am.


We have partnered to bring you onsite medical care at the start and finish line.

Should you need assistance on the route - please call 084 124.


Neighbouring farmers have opened up their land to allow the 35km & 50km routes to pass through segments of their unblemished, private game farm where animals roam, further adding to the exclusivity of the event as these trails will not be publicly accessible outside of race day.


There will be 4 waterpoints conveniently placed along the routes, however, it is mandatory that runners doing the 35km or 50km, run with their own hydration packs and extra nutrition. We strongly recommend that runners participating in the 21km do the same.




10km ~ 10.05 am (4,4kms:1h50mins)

21km ~ 8.50am  (4,4kms:1hr20mins)

35km ~ 8.20am  (4,4km:1hr20mins)


35km ~ 11.05am (18,4km:4hr05mins)


10km ~ 11.05 am (6,5kms:2h50mins)

21km ~ 9.40am  (6,5kms:2hr10mins)

35km ~ 11.10am  (19,2km:4hr10mins)


21km ~ 11.20am  (15,6kms:3h50mins)

35km ~ 13.15pm  (30,3kms:6hr15mins)


10km ~ 12.15pm (4hrs)

21km ~ 12.30pm (5hrs)

35km ~ 2pm (7hrs)


All four distances start on the Clarens Village Square where you will head west towards the foothills of the Rooiberg Mountain range and down Market Street to the first river crossing. 


Don’t worry, there is a bridge over the dry river bed which is cordoned off to funnel everyone across the bridge - no opportunity for passing your buddy just yet!


A sharp right, past 4 houses then a sharp left, and the ‘burbs are left behind for now.


The trail hugs the mountain on the left and here is where the fun and gorgeous views start...


After about 850m into the race, you will see the Biltong and Braai banner and if you look up you will have a clear view of Titanic Rock.

All along the mountain and after another right turn with a quick left, the Roterhahn Donga awaits.


This new section to the trails network was built specifically for this race! Earth steps secured with logs take you down into the forest view where you need to give a big smile for your first memorable photo. Once out the other side, a sharp left takes you back up the trail behind the last residential properties.


Look out for the Naauwpoort Family Gravesite - you are now treading through a part of Clarens which was once a farm belonging to the Naauwpoort family. This was one of the two farms that were sold and later split up in order to establish Clarens in 1912.


This new trail continues to lead you around its base and at about the 3km mark you can look up at the majestic Titanic Rock. Here, it curves to the left and this is where the real climbing begins. Those eager to nab first prize might want to pace themselves a bit, as this is a steep climb. Take care as you go up the slick parts of the rock where our friendly marshalls will make sure you get up and around chop-chop!


Carefully scoot along the traverse - taking in the amazing panoramic views of Clarens and stop to say hello to the cool guys from Protea Hotel at their water point.


NB ~ This is the first checkpoint, please make sure to clock in with the marshalls taking your race number. This safety feature is to make sure that everyone is accounted for and there will be 1 more for the 10km, 2 more for the 21km runners, and 3 more for the 35km runners. 

Next up, be sure to stop at the Bryte Box selfie frame with the most stunning backdrop, and add some selfies to your running portfolio of pics! It might take you over an hour up to here but do not stress, you will make up plenty of it!

This is where the route splits for the first time...


The 10 and 21 km runners continue from here along the trail, whilst the 35km pass through the gate at the top of the mountain, into the game farm where they will be treated to an awesome 14km trail, usually closed to the public.


Make sure you take the right trail!

Our friendly marshalls will be at your disposal to make sure you do. 

From the above split, the route is different for each distance so click the button below and jump to the section that pertains to you!

Good luck!!

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